Steve Koerber

Home buyers, sellers and valuers have come to realise that Steve understands the Remuera market better than most.

Almost every day I’m asked “How’s the market?”

The answer comes readily because I’m passionately immersed in Remuera, its people and its homes.

On average I list & sell 1 in every 10 homes in Remuera.

In June 2017 I sold 1 in 6 homes (or 17% of the entire Remuera market). In October, my strongest month, I transacted greater than 20%.

A noticeable trend over the years has been a reduction in the number of homeowners who have been willing to let go of their homes.

Potential sellers are increasingly conscious of the need to be absolutely certain the best price possible is extracted from the market.

I am well placed to help you do that.

Steve Koerber loves your area. His name often comes to mind when people buy and sell in Remuera’s dynamic real estate market. Steve’s love of the area in which his family lives, learns, and works is genuine and passionate.

With the knowledge and experience that comes with more than 500 Remuera sales for a combined value of more than half a billion dollars, Steve’s reputation has been hard-earned over twenty years performing at the highest levels of local sales success. During this time he has supported the diverse Remuera community through close personal connections with local schools and small business owners.

Steve has an innate ability to connect and communicate with his customers and clients to create winning solutions again and again. He is one of the few agents you will meet who prefers not to sell outside his area. To the ultimate benefit of his clients he sticks to the area he knows best.

The most important question however is “what can Steve do for you?” The answer is clear. Should you choose to work with Steve, he is now in a position to add significant value to your next real estate transaction.


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